Patience Ensures Success


Patience, only patience can make you reach to the zenith of success in life. It has no alternative. Whether you may be a warrior,thief,shopkeeper or even a street beggar. Where you will go,you must keep it up with you. No scope of neglecting this very important factor in life. Of course you can’t swim at the first mingling in the pond. Uncertainly you may drink a bit of dirty water. But will you spare to take the chance for this situation?Not at all. Its also same for the beginner of writing article. Its’ not easy as easy to write down anything on the exam paper. It needs toil,strive and sometime highest value of struggle. Actually its’ really a matter of isolating yourself from any other outside topic. You must be mingled yourself within what you are writing.

And while doing that you may lose your patience. You can close writing for a while. But here is the ending!! No,keep calm,take time and refresh your mind. Yes,you may tear out several papers while writing because of rage. Sometimes you feel headache. You may feel futile it to write. But again saying,keep patience. What I have said few while ago,will happen for the first time and for the beginners. Not for the experts. But if you cope up the situation and practise your patience,of course
you will be the gainer than them who left it because of lacking of patience. And if you keep it up,after one month you will realize where you are.

Everybody can’t be pioneer,pathfinder. Or All can’t say raising their voice Vini,Vidi,Vici. Only that people can be that or do that who practise extreme patience in their life. And it ensures success.


Article Writing Procedure


On my last writing I illustrated how an article should be. Now its’ the turn to show what can be the procedure of writing a good and unique article. Its’ already mentioned that unique article are always like hot cake. Owner of different websites usually look for that kind of article which can easily grab the attraction of the readers. A good article obviously help the websites to get ranked on different search engine result. But writing a good article for a beginner is not an easy task at all. Here is the question of brainstorming,observing,hard working and as well as creativity. Its’ true that no one can attain all these mastery at a time. For the first time it will take an extreme struggle from him. But these is no need to be worried about it. If anybody spends a lot of time from the very first with enthusiasm and patience,he or she will of course be gainer in this field. For example,a baby can’t walk just after her born. Again a bicycle rider of course will not be able to ride it overnight. He will fail and try and try. And only then success will come. So in the same way one has to strive a lot to write a good or creative article. And day by day struggle can reach him to the position versatile writer.

Before going to write any article or content on must have to go through about the psychology or mentality of the readers. At first he has to think what the website about. What kind of client will come here to take the service,young or aged?This thinking will help a lot to prepare a good and proactive outline to write an article. Its’ another name may be market survey. Then he can commence for writing.

Creative and qualitative article always demand an outstanding title or topic sentence which of course will carry the gist of whole body in a sense. Many readers turn their face back only because of the poor title of an article. They don’t feel any interest from the first viewing. So writers have a potential responsibility to start his article with a well noticeable title that can provide him or the websites a numerous readers. Always keep in mind that first expression is the best expression. So try to be unique and different in this respect. However its’ all about for now though a few. More are coming on afterwards.

Stay tuned…..


Qualitative Article and Content

The first and foremost condition to make a well prepared website is to add creative and unique article within it. In this competitive time all are busy to show their popularity of their websites to various clients in different and tactical ways. Even a single informative image carries a bit but meaningful article to show its mastery. And without article or content no one can improvise his website properly. But the question is how much the qualitative the article is. Many can write article or content but how much of them are pregnant with meaning and quality. As a prime search engine Google always looks for unique and rhetorical type of article.

Its true that if an article is full of meaning and helpful, readers will be normally attracted by its significance and they will frequently go through it. So its’ end today about it though not sufficient. More will come with full of information and about the privileges of qualitative article but not only article.


To be continued…