Patience Ensures Success


Patience, only patience can make you reach to the zenith of success in life. It has no alternative. Whether you may be a warrior,thief,shopkeeper or even a street beggar. Where you will go,you must keep it up with you. No scope of neglecting this very important factor in life. Of course you can’t swim at the first mingling in the pond. Uncertainly you may drink a bit of dirty water. But will you spare to take the chance for this situation?Not at all. Its also same for the beginner of writing article. Its’ not easy as easy to write down anything on the exam paper. It needs toil,strive and sometime highest value of struggle. Actually its’ really a matter of isolating yourself from any other outside topic. You must be mingled yourself within what you are writing.

And while doing that you may lose your patience. You can close writing for a while. But here is the ending!! No,keep calm,take time and refresh your mind. Yes,you may tear out several papers while writing because of rage. Sometimes you feel headache. You may feel futile it to write. But again saying,keep patience. What I have said few while ago,will happen for the first time and for the beginners. Not for the experts. But if you cope up the situation and practise your patience,of course
you will be the gainer than them who left it because of lacking of patience. And if you keep it up,after one month you will realize where you are.

Everybody can’t be pioneer,pathfinder. Or All can’t say raising their voice Vini,Vidi,Vici. Only that people can be that or do that who practise extreme patience in their life. And it ensures success.

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